Dog Spa in Beaufort, SC

Doggie Spa

Baths and Red Light Therapy

We offer two essential spa services tailored for the comfort and well-being of your pet: soothing Baths and beneficial Red Light Therapy.

Soothing Baths: Perfect for winding down after an active day at daycare or a stay in our boarding facility, our baths are designed to clean and refresh your pet gently. Please note, our bathing services are conveniently available only as an add-on to our daycare or boarding services, ensuring your pet goes home clean and comfortable.

Beneficial Red Light Therapy: Enhance your pet’s health with our Red Light Therapy, a non-invasive treatment that promotes healing, reduces inflammation, and helps maintain overall wellness. This therapy is especially beneficial for pets needing extra care to recover from daily play or simply to maintain their health as they age.

Dog Bathing

Dogs Size












*$5.00 more for long hair

We do NOT offer haircuts or nails trims at this time

Add on service for Doggie Daycare or Boarding

Red Light Therapy



5 Mins


10 Mins


15 Mins


20 Mins


Enhanced bone and joint health

Improved sleep and cognitive function

Healthier skin and coat

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